Blog Post 11

  • Intro
    • Theses statement
    • Color in within visualization, literature and art
    • Side note to how color brings black and white photos to life
  • Color in art
    • Importance of color
    • How color helps with conveying emotion

Blog Post 10


Tools: D3js, Observablehq

This visualization is telling you what is the majority vote per county in American for this past election. It uses a spikes size and color to represent the amount of votes and the majority party respectively. The data comes from a github data bank that collected it from sites like Fox News, Politico, and NYT.

I would change the triangles to be bisected into the 2 colors (Red and blue). This would give a better representation to how voting within your county works for presidential elections. You can also use different symbol rather than a triangle to represent it.


Blog Post 9

People may say from just looking at artifacts of history that they completely know the full story of whats behind it. On the other hand, the researcher needs to know that color changes the perspective of how emotion is conveyed.


I Voted


Blog post 8

When Benjamin says “We don’t find data, we produce it”, she means that most of what we produce is bias to our experience. If you don’t believe in aliens then you won’t produce data regarding them. It’s like when you wnat to program a computer to find a correlation between how many men steal candy from a convenient store versus how many teen aged girls, once more people in general steal from the store the algorithm will predict the more likely offender and risk their wellbeing.

An example of technology being used for bias or inequality would be the use of bait cars. Guess where these cars are normally located? In urban areas where African American individuals reside with little options of making a living. The car gets tracked down by the feds and you can use your imagination of how it when after that. Instead of using technology to bait individuals with low qualities of live because of circumstances that the government have given, we can use it to provie better education and grants to tech companies to employ individuals in areas such as those with qualifying attributes.

My project in general doesn’t use and discriminatory language of any kind. I’m looking for literature of all kinds with how people feel in it ni matter the race. Now with that said, the data that I generate can be used to split race, sex, religion, social status, ect. by the author of the piece or the characters used in it.


Blog post 7

The videdo I used was of the 1930s. It used pictures that were black and white and, with help of visual artists, made them come to life with color.

The video was a simple slideshow thatzoomed in or out of a picture to give the viewer a better visual. Black, white, young and old individuals were represented in this video. Some of the color may not be completely accurate but it does the job.

The keywords that I choose will bring you to this site whether you’re searching for 1930s content or great depression era content. Some of the keywords may be labeled as clickbait because I used “African American (Men / Women) Clothing”. A search for such a thing may lead someone to my site.

My project may be alright. I need to find scholarly articles that actually represent my topic of symbolism in literature of how.

I would want to find an interview from someone that lived through the great depression or F.D.R’s presidency. I also need a few pieces of literature that gives imagery to the feelings of people around then.


Blog post 6

The document presents was part of a speech that F.D.R made to be reelected. The great depression and the dustbowl dropped the spirits of the American people which he tried his best during his terms to bolster.

The main blocks are <head>, <opener>, and <body>. Within the <head> are the details of what is it and the location. The <opener> states who the audience of the speech is to and <body> entails the speech itself. Inside the body are <p> which denotes the separate paragraphs.

The oper was italicized which is coded in the document at <i> but other than that there was not any other special characteristics in the text itself.


Dublin Core

TitleMen on “work relief” at a public works construction site during the Great Depression
CreatorHoehler, Fred K. (Fred Kenneth)SW0001
Date1930 – 1935
DescriptionThis photograph shows men at a public works construction site. These men may be receiving unemployment assistance by exchanging work for food and shelter.
TypeStill Image
SubjectDepressions 1929sh85037058
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<dc:title>Men on "work relief" at a public works construction site during the Great Depression</dc:title>
<dc:creator>Hoehler, Fred K. (Fred Kenneth)</dc:creator>
<dc:subject>Depressions 1929</dc:subject>
<dc:description>This photograph shows men at a public works construction site. These men may be receiving unemployment assistance by exchanging work for food and shelter.</dc:description>
<dc:date>1930 - 1935</dc:date>


I had to make an assumption on the format since jpg isn’t available. Jpeg is available so I used that. Upon further research, there is no difference between the 2.


Blog Post 3

This article expounds the idea of having James Baldwin as a figurehead for the hashtag black lives matter movement. There is no clear responder to who this excerpt is too, although, some may say that this excerpt is to all the people who discount, discredit, or goes against the movement itself. The author first goes into the metrics of how James Baldwin was included in the black lives matter protests and conversation. Using the metrics of the number of times James Baldwin himself or his words were mentioned through Twitter tweets and the number of retweets those tweets received, we can see that his words correlated with the ideas of today’s society.

The author pulled more than 32,000,000 available tweets that were between 2014 and 2015, given by researchers for free, and filtered to only the ones that mentioned James Baldwin. “Revealing that “James Baldwin” had been referenced in at least 7,326 tweets and retweets, more times than the intersectional black feminist poet Audre Lorde (1,634 tweets); the iconic Harlem Renaissance voice Langston Hughes (1,401 tweets); the inspirational poet and memoirist Maya Angelou (1,236 tweets); the Nobel Prize–winning novelist Toni Morrison (843 tweets); the MacArthur Fellow and New York Times best-selling poet Claudia Rankine (556 tweets); the Black Panthers Huey Newton (536 tweets) and Eldridge Cleaver (373 tweets); Baldwin’s older mentor and adversary Richard Wright (126 tweets); and his contemporary and fellow Wright-rival Ralph Ellison (116 tweets).” The author gives a bar chart indicating the amount of times James Baldwin was referenced with a quotation or with some other complementing source. Other graphs depict a bar chart that would show the amount of times one quote was used between 2014 and 2015 by Twitter accounts using the years of the quote itself as the x axis.

We should care about this because the impact of one man’s words can lead onto other generations. As we could see, James Baldwin’s most of his quotes are within a 13 year time span of 1960 to 1973 which was used heavily in 2014 to 2015 in arguments and in a way to convey a message.


Blog post 2: Three possible research questions

What is the mood of literature during the great depression using colors?

I want to see how writers feel while they were dealing with the great depression. A way to see how someone is feeling is by analyzing what type of colors they use. I will look though a few novels to see what colors are used for articles of clothing, the weather, and other artifacts that are found.

Is rap considered music or only spoken word?

At times we have people that take an unpopular stance on a topic that they may have little to no knowledge about it. Ben Shapiro argued that rap can no be categories as music, but should be considered spoken word. I will argue against the point.

Why is kneeling disrespectful to troops?

I want to look into the history of why kneeling is used as an act of expression and why today it is seen as disrespectful in certain settings.