Blog post 2: Three possible research questions

What is the mood of literature during the great depression using colors?

I want to see how writers feel while they were dealing with the great depression. A way to see how someone is feeling is by analyzing what type of colors they use. I will look though a few novels to see what colors are used for articles of clothing, the weather, and other artifacts that are found.

Is rap considered music or only spoken word?

At times we have people that take an unpopular stance on a topic that they may have little to no knowledge about it. Ben Shapiro argued that rap can no be categories as music, but should be considered spoken word. I will argue against the point.

Why is kneeling disrespectful to troops?

I want to look into the history of why kneeling is used as an act of expression and why today it is seen as disrespectful in certain settings.

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