Blog post 7

The videdo I used was of the 1930s. It used pictures that were black and white and, with help of visual artists, made them come to life with color.

The video was a simple slideshow thatzoomed in or out of a picture to give the viewer a better visual. Black, white, young and old individuals were represented in this video. Some of the color may not be completely accurate but it does the job.

The keywords that I choose will bring you to this site whether you’re searching for 1930s content or great depression era content. Some of the keywords may be labeled as clickbait because I used “African American (Men / Women) Clothing”. A search for such a thing may lead someone to my site.

My project may be alright. I need to find scholarly articles that actually represent my topic of symbolism in literature of how.

I would want to find an interview from someone that lived through the great depression or F.D.R’s presidency. I also need a few pieces of literature that gives imagery to the feelings of people around then.

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