Blog post 8

When Benjamin says “We don’t find data, we produce it”, she means that most of what we produce is bias to our experience. If you don’t believe in aliens then you won’t produce data regarding them. It’s like when you wnat to program a computer to find a correlation between how many men steal candy from a convenient store versus how many teen aged girls, once more people in general steal from the store the algorithm will predict the more likely offender and risk their wellbeing.

An example of technology being used for bias or inequality would be the use of bait cars. Guess where these cars are normally located? In urban areas where African American individuals reside with little options of making a living. The car gets tracked down by the feds and you can use your imagination of how it when after that. Instead of using technology to bait individuals with low qualities of live because of circumstances that the government have given, we can use it to provie better education and grants to tech companies to employ individuals in areas such as those with qualifying attributes.

My project in general doesn’t use and discriminatory language of any kind. I’m looking for literature of all kinds with how people feel in it ni matter the race. Now with that said, the data that I generate can be used to split race, sex, religion, social status, ect. by the author of the piece or the characters used in it.

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